The New £10 Note - Everything You Need To Know


The new £10 note entered circulation earlier this month and there’s a few things you should know about the latest polymer banknote…

Over the last year we have seen the five pound note and the pound coin replaced with updated designs, and the £10 note is the latest denomination to receive an overhaul. The new note is made from the same polymer material as the £5 note and will be the first British banknote with raised dots to help visually impaired people distinguish between notes. It is also the only banknote currently in circulation which pictures a woman, other than the Queen.

The new £10 note (Image credit -  The Express )

The new £10 note (Image credit - The Express)

Security Features

There are a number of security features which will help to prevent forgery:

  • A transparent window with a portrait of the Queen and the words '£10 Bank of England' around the edge
  • A silver foil patch
  • The word 'Ten' changes to 'Pounds' when viewed at a different angle
  • A '10' appears in bright red and green when shone under UV light

The old £10 note will be phased out next spring, with the exact date being announced at least 3 months in advance. Once this date passes, you will no longer be able to use them as legal tender, but you will be able to exchange them at face value for a new note at the Bank of England. A new £20 note will go into circulation in 2020, however no plans have been revealed to release an updated £50 note.

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