Building & Contents Insurance

The right cover

  • We offer the opportunity to pick and choose the level of cover that best suits your requirements.
  • We believe that insurance protection should be flexible enough to match your needs exactly.
  • We use companies that offer a range of options which can be tailored to your particular requirements – while still keeping the cost low.

The right deal

  • When was the last time you checked that you are not paying too much for your building and contents cover?
  • You aren’t obliged to insure your property through your bank or building society as they would like you to believe.
  • If you take out cover for buildings and contents together, you may be eligible for an additional cost saving discount. Our rates are attractive so let us provide you with a quote today.

No hassle claims

  • We know that if you need to make a claim, you'll want it sorted out as soon as possible.
  • In most cases all you have to do is give the details of your claim over the phone to a company claim hotline.
  • An incident manager will start dealing with your claim straight away.

No claim discount

  • A lot of insurance companies offer a no-claim discount on their home insurance policies.
  • It is important that you inform us of the last date you made a claim to ensure that you receive the full discount available.

Travel Insurance

Planning an overseas trip? Organising your travel insurance is as important as arranging your travel. Without it you won’t go very far in the event of an unforeseen event! Travel insurance allows for peace of mind through robust protection. We offer a wide range of cover including Holiday, Business, Standard and Long Stay policies.

Do you enjoy skiing, safaris, scuba diving and other adventure activities? Unlike many insurance policies, we can cover for occasional participation in these activities and many more, all at competitive prices.