Inflation Rates Experience Unexpected Rise


The UK inflation rate rose another 0.3% from July to August—the joint highest it's been in 5 years.

The increase comes after news that the value of the sterling has fallen so low, it’s on course for parity with the euro.

Higher Living Costs

A recent rise in living costs across the board have been contributing factors to higher inflation rates, with the recent rebound in oil expenses having a huge impact on fuel costs. The price of petrol jumped to 115.7p a litre throughout August and diesel reached highs of 117.6p

Prices of clothing and household equipment have also experienced a recent jump, due to rising import fees. A 4.6% year-on-year increase has led to costs reaching their highest level since records began.

A rise in the national living wage is needed to reflect the current price of living costs, though an increase in interest rates from banks seems more likely.

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