Pensions and retirement planning

Pensions is a confusing topic for most people. The team at Charles James want to help you make the most of your retirement and, in order to realise your ambition, it really is never too early to consider your future retirement plan.

If a pension is right for you, the sooner you start saving, the longer your investments have to gain in value and the larger your pension pot could be. How much you’ll need depends on your personal circumstances and the lifestyle you’d like to lead in retirement. And a pension is not your only ‘pension’, it should be viewed as a part of your overall retirement plan.

There are a great deal of options available to you, many that you may not be aware of. So whether you’re just starting employment, approaching retirement or mid-way between, we are here to discuss your retirement plans and tailor our advice to fit your specific circumstances.

You will want peace of mind that your pension won’t be holding you back or leaving you with financial difficulties. Speak to us at the earliest opportunity so you can take steps now to benefit from your full retirement options.