England Fans Advised To Take Out Travel Insurance Before The World Cup


Many England fans travelling to Russia for the World cup run the risk of large financial hits should they neglect to take out travel insurance.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has issued a warning to those travelling to Russia that medical costs in the country are high, and pointed to a recent case of a British man who suffered a heart attack while travelling there, resulting in a £22,000 medical bill due to lack of insurance. While medical emergencies are unlikely, should the unfortunate happen, travel insurance provides a financial safety net for those needing treatment abroad.

Check Your Insurance Policy

When travelling there is always the risk of loss or theft of belongings, and that is no difference in this instance. If fans need to take valuables with them, then travel insurance is a must. No matter what reason you are travelling abroad for, wherever you go you should always look into your insurance policy in detail and avoid simply choosing the cheapest. In the event of flight cancellations, some insurers will provide cover, however not all will. So it is worth checking for this in your policy if you are worried about delayed or cancelled travel. We have advice on how to choose the best travel insurance policy for you here.

Voiding Your Insurance Policy

There are situations in which your travel policy can become void, and in the case of fans travelling to the World Cup, they must be aware that excessive drinking, and needlessly involving themselves in large groups of people behaving aggressively can nullify any cover they have purchased.

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