Is This The End of Whiplash Claims?

Car insurance premiums could be reduced as compensation for whiplash claims is set to be cut.

Over the past 10 years, whiplash injury claims have increased by 50%, resulting in insurance companies paying out around £1bn every year. The government has proposed that whiplash claims could be banned, or capped at a maximum of £425 (as a point of reference, the current average payout on successful whiplash claims is £1,850). According to the government, insurers have pledged to pass on these savings to customers, which could result in a saving of £40 per year.

Putting a Stop to "Compensation Culture"

Justice Secretary Liz Truss said "For too long some have exploited a rampant compensation culture and seen whiplash claims an easy payday, driving up costs for millions of law-abiding motorists. […] These reforms will crack down on minor, exaggerated and fraudulent claims." Astonishingly, while road traffic accidents have fallen by almost 40% since 2000, the number of injury claims has increased by almost 90%. The Association of British Insurers has said that implementing the proposals would “give honest motorists a better deal”.

For more information on how whiplash claim reforms could benefit you, head over to the BBC website.