When To Compromise On Buying A House


The latest homebuyers’ survey from Which? has found that many people regret some of the compromises they have made when buying their home.

One in five people (out of a survey of 1,205 people who had bought a home in the past two years) said that they compromised on their preferred location when buying, with 25% of them saying they wished they had bought where they initially had intended to. A quarter of these people ended up living under two miles away from where they had planned, with another quarter buying at least 10 miles away.

No Regrets

Other compromises respondents made were on budget, room sizes and structural condition, however the majority of those who said they compromised on budget said they did not regret overspending. The biggest regret was compromising on structural condition, with 30% of people saying that they wish they had not done so.

Do Not Compromise On Your Mortgage

Buying a house is one of the biggest investments you are likely to make, and while it’s natural that you will have to make some compromises on certain aspects, there are some things you should not make concessions on. Your mortgage is one of them. If you would like help selecting the right mortgage to suit you, please get in touch. Our experienced advisers will be happy to help.