Do I need Contents Insurance?


A lot of people tend to overlook building and contents insurance for their homes, but it may be much more important than you think…

Building and contents insurance protects your home and belongings against unexpected events such as theft, vandalism and fire or water damage. Depending on your policy, you can insure most things in your house including clothes, furniture and electronics. You can also insure the property itself against disasters such as fire or floods.

Insuring Your Belongings

According to the Office for National Statistics, property crime accounted for 70% of all crime recorded with the police in 2013. With the majority of crime connected with property theft, you must decide whether you are comfortable with running the risk of having to cover the cost of lost belongings yourself. If you have a lot of smaller valuables such as jewellery or electronics that are more susceptible to theft during a burglary, then contents insurance is highly recommended.

Renting and Contents Insurance

If you are renting, then building insurance will not be applicable to you, as your landlord may already have this in place. Contents insurance is still applicable though, as you are responsible for covering your own belongings.

Choosing A Policy

When taking out contents insurance, you will need to itemise all of your valuable belongings and determine the value - this will help you when selecting a policy. We help you choose the best level of cover for you based on your requirements. Insurance protection should be flexible enough to match your needs exactly, and we use companies that offer a range of options to be as adaptable as possible. If you would like help of advice on choosing your contents insurance policy, please get in touch.