Like Father Like Son

A recent survey has found that "70% of British fathers said they play a bigger role in their children's lives than their own dads did". 

Priorities are changing and "being the breadwinner" has slipped down to 8th place in the list of important parental responsibilities according to a survey from NetMums

Family Matters

However, even if the focus for dads (and mums) is not primarily on their role as earners, teaching children the value of money and how to handle it effectively is still a very important task. Research shows children will copy their parents' approach to finance, and with personal debt on the rise, it pays to think about the example you are setting.

This article from The Guardian covers six tips to teach you children about money matters and is an excellent starting point if you don't know where to begin.


Source: Today's dads have a stronger bond with their kids than they had with their own fathers; The Telegraph