The Number of Contested Wills is Increasing

The number of wills that are being contested is increasing after family members dispute the wishes of deceased relatives.

In an interesting video featured by the BBC, the stories of two people that have suffered at the hands of contested wills are explored. In one instance, Stuart Herd saw his inheritance taken away from him after his father had passed away. The estate initially passed to his father’s spouse, Stuart’s step-mother, with the intention of it then being passed down to both Stuart and his step-mother’s son. Stuart’s step-mother later wrote him out of the will, against the wishes of his deceased father. This means that Stuart is now left with none of his inheritance.

Seeking Advice

We discussed the integrity of the will system in a previous blog. Writing your own will without the aid of professionals is, in theory, a simple process, however these types of situations are evidence that complications can arise. The best way to ensure that your wishes are carried out accurately after you have died is to discuss it with a professional. If you would like further assistance with will writing and estate planning, take a look through our top tips for writing a will.