Will Disputes Rise Over Christmas


Arguments during the festive period may have caused a spike in will amendments.

In late December 2016 and January 2017, Stephensons Solicitors received around 3 times more enquiries related to will amendments compared to the rest of the year. This includes people being written out of wills, likely as a result of tensions and arguments arising during the stressful Christmas period. It has been predicted that the number of calls they will receive regarding wills will increase by 162%, taking into account data gathered over the last 3 years. March is also cited as a busy month for will disputes as the number of deaths increase over winter, and it takes a number of months for families of the deceased to begin carrying out will instructions.

Amending A Will

Writing someone out of a will is not always a simple process though, and you must provide a Letter of Reasons which will be kept alongside your will. In this, you will need to have legitimate reasons for changing your will, and will need careful consideration and wording. If you would like help when planning and writing your will, take a look at our will and estate planning services.