When Did We Stop Talking About Money?

Discussing personal finances has long been considered a little crude or, as Legal and General put it, a taboo.

In a survey conducted by Legal and General, 46% of people said that “money is a personal matter that simply should not be talked about”. When you consider the kinds of financial challenges the vast majority of us face every single day, it’s worrying that we are so reluctant to discuss them.

Money worries

Legal and General’s research also found that 41% of people (which equates to over 20 million adults) feel stressed about their finances. Many of us also leave it until the last moment before we talk about the situation. However, it is much more beneficial to talk about money troubles as early as possible to prevent problems becoming unmanageable.

Open Up

Legal and General have a number of schemes to help manage finance, and are actively trying to start the conversation about money:

“Why not ask your friends for their opinion? You could speak to your employer about what workplace benefits you might be entitled too, such as a pension or childcare support. Be open with your partner about your family finances and consider finding a local regulated financial adviser who can advise you”.

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